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We Believe in the Magic of Learning

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes brings the magic of learning to you. We are dedicated to helping children and adults learn to their potential. We mean it.

For over 25 years, our research-validated programs have improved reading, spelling, comprehension, and math for all ages of individuals. We have changed the lives of all ages of individuals with all types of prior diagnoses such as dyslexia and autism spectrum disorder.

We believe in you and you can believe in us.


We teach Reading,
Comprehension, and Math 
in our Learning Centers and Professional Development.

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Learning Centers

Student Learning Centers

We have more than 50 Learning Centers that welcome every individual as if he or she is family. We love what we do and that is transmitted throughout the Learning Center experience.

First, we do a 2-4 hour learning evaluation to identify an individual's strengths and weaknesses in reading, language comprehension, vocabulary, following directions, and math.

Second, we do a consultation to specifically explain each test and recommend potential instruction.

Our goal is to diagnose the underlying sensory-cognitive processes relevant to independence in language processing.

Professional Development


Lindamood-Bell has always been committed to extensive research, including both behavioral and neurological research.

We analyze our Learning Center and School Partnership data—and we also partner with eminent researchers in the field of reading and education. Our most recent study on dyslexia validates these significantly improved reading behaviors and also the significant changes to brain function. See the Georgetown Center article from NeuroImage magazine, "Gray matter volume changes following reading intervention in dyslexic children."

"(Lindamood-Bell) changed brains and changed lives." ~ Dr. Lynn Flowers


We improve decoding, spelling, language comprehension, memory, and math by developing and applying the underlying sensory-cognitive functions of phoneme awareness, symbol imagery, and concept imagery.

The programs we use in Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers and School Partnerships are: