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Lindamood-Bell research-validated programs develop the underlying skills needed for reading, comprehension, and math. Our Professional Development Workshops show your teachers a new way to change how students process language. Our School Partnerships establish a comprehensive infrastructure to affect whole school change.



Reading & Listening Comprehension, Following Directions, Vocabulary

leaf-25.pngReading Standards: Literature & Informational Text
Key Ideas and Details
Craft and Structure
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Range of Reading / Level of Text Complexity

leaf-25.png Writing Standards
Text Types and Purposes
Production and Distribution of Writing
Research to Build and Present Knowledge

leaf-25.png Speaking and Listening Standards
Comprehension and Collaboration
Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas

leaf-25.pngLanguage Standards
Conventions of Standard English
Knowledge of Language
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

leaf-25.pngReading Standards: History / Social Studies
Key Ideas and Details
Craft and Structure
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Reading / Spelling / Writing

Phonology, Orthography, Word Attack, Word Recognition, Fluency

leaf-25.pngReading Standards: Foundational Skills K-5
Print Concepts
Phonological Awareness
Phonics and Word Recognition

leaf-25.pngLanguage Standards K-5

Conventions of Standard English



Computation, Reasoning

 leaf-25.pngMath Standards

Counting and Cardinality
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Number and Operations in Base Ten
Number and Operations - Fractions

"We are so fortunate to have found Lindamood-Bell and your solution. The results have been life changing for our daughter. Thanks for the miracle!"
~ Melissa, a mother

"As we make our journey through life we are lucky enough to meet a handful of people who can truly make a difference in our lives. My son at age 12 has already met this handful. Thank you."
~ William, a father

"The workshop presenter was very knowledgeable about the field of Education and Special Education. I am very excited to implement this into my resource room. I can't wait to make a difference for someone."
~ Ellen, a Special Ed Teacher


We are excited to announce that our CEO, Nanci Bell, received the Distinguished Leader in Special Education Award at the Third New York Citywide Special Education Conference on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at Hunter College in New York City.
Congratulations, Nanci!