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Comprehensive Learning Ability Evaluation

Many children and adults come to Lindamood-Bell because they believe – or have been told – that they have reading problems, or learning disabilities, or any number of other reading, comprehension, and math difficulties. Many of our students even have official, third-party diagnoses, such as dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADHD, CAPD, or autism spectrum disorders. These are very important things for us to know. Every bit of information is useful in helping us tailor each student’s instructional plan specifically to his or her needs.

However, these prior, third-party diagnoses – by themselves – cannot provide an accurate enough picture of the specific areas in which an individual is experiencing reading or comprehension problems. That is why all Lindamood-Bell instruction starts with a comprehensive learning ability evaluation.

Our testing battery is an extensive compilation of Standardized Tests that allows us to establish an accurate picture of each individual’s learning abilities. It is important that these tests are given to determine an accurate instruction profile that is not just based on a score, but also on the difficulty, behaviors, and time that it takes an individual to attain that score. The tests are administered, one-to-one, by one of our highly qualified instructors. Average testing time is 4 hours.

Lindamood-Bell does not and cannot diagnose children or adults with reading, comprehension, or learning disabilities. Our testing battery is used to determine the individual’s strengths and weaknesses in language processing, which allows us to design the most effective instructional plan possible for each unique student.

An individual learning ability evaluation measures:

  • Oral Vocabulary
  • Oral Language Comprehension
  • Oral Directions
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Symbol Imagery
  • Word Attack
  • Word Recognition
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Math Computation
Analysis and Consultation

As an essential part of the instructional process, each learning ability evaluation includes a follow-up consultation in which we explain the results of the testing – not just the scores, but also what they mean. During the consultation, we provide students and/or their parents/guardians with an accurate picture of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses in language processing. We also provide recommendations for the type and duration of instruction that would be most beneficial for the student.

This is where we are able to explain the specific underlying causes of those symptoms that most people view as learning disabilities, or reading problems. It is also where we are able to explain that difficulty does not entail disability, and that it can be fun and rewarding to overcome a challenge – even when it’s a learning challenge.

A Letter from a Dad:
"We sent our pretty scared/worried little dude to his first-ever assessment. Four hours later, this confident puppy comes bounding out the front door, exuberantly describing the most fun time he had with the nicest people, including all the cool stuff he got to do, prizes he earned, and more. He's excited about becoming an exceptional reader. We are immensely, immensely grateful!"

Getting Started

If you know of someone who has difficulty learning, we strongly encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Contact your local Lindamood-Bell® Learning Center at 800-300-1818.
  2. Schedule a Learning Ability Evaluation or a free screening.
  3. Enroll for instruction.

"We are so fortunate to have found Lindamood-Bell and your solution. The results have been life changing for our daughter. Thanks for the miracle!"
~ Melissa, a mother

"As we make our journey through life we are lucky enough to meet a handful of people who can truly make a difference in our lives. My son at age 12 has already met this handful. Thank you."
~ William, a father

"The workshop presenter was very knowledgeable about the field of Education and Special Education. I am very excited to implement this into my resource room. I can't wait to make a difference for someone."
~ Ellen, a Special Ed Teacher


We are excited to announce that our CEO, Nanci Bell, received the Distinguished Leader in Special Education Award at the Third New York Citywide Special Education Conference on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at Hunter College in New York City.
Congratulations, Nanci!