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"Lucky" the Lindamood-Bell Instruction Robot goes to Wisconsin
Bloomer Elementary has a new classroom instructor from Lindamood-Bell who visits via Lucky, the Lindamood-Bell Instruction Robot.

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New 2014-2015 Gander Publishing Catalog is out!

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Dunseith School in North Dakota welcomes the Lindamood-Bell Instruction Robot
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National Rural Education Association

On October 18th, Lisa Funk, Director of Professional Development, will speak at the 106th Annual Conference and Research Symposium hosted by the National Rural Education Association in San Antonio, Texas. Lindamood-Bell will lead one of over sixty breakout sessions at this exciting conference, featuring the latest developments, research, and success stories taking place in rural schools across the United States.

Ms. Funk will present the latest results from a groundbreaking 3-year reform initiative in the session titled, "Transforming Low-Performing Rural Schools: How a thirteen-district partnership in Colorado became a model for Special Education reform."

She will discuss student performance outcomes, as well as specific elements of the San Luis Valley BOCES' model, including their unique Response to Intervention framework, commitment to professional development in research-proven literacy programs, and strategy for funding and affordability.

Council for Learning Disabilities
Lindamood-Bell will be participating in an interactive roundtable session at the 36th International Conference on Learning Disabilities, hosted by the Council for Learning Disabilities, taking place October 2nd-3rd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are looking forward to our presentation, titled "Neurological and Behavioral Research Validates Imagery-Language Connection to Dyslexia", facilitated by Angelica Benson, Director of Public Relations.


Center Schools Achieves Full Accreditation Status!
Each year the Colorado Department of Education, based on state achievement test results, graduation rates, and ACT scores, determines accreditation ratings for all 178 school districts in the state of Colorado. Accreditation categories a district can earn range from Turnaround to Priority Improvement to Improvement to Accredited, to the state's highest rating Accredited With Distinction. When this new accreditation process began during the 2009-10 school year the Center School District achieved a score of only 46.2% on the rating's 100 point scale. This meant Center was placed on Accredited with Priority Improvement status, the second lowest rating a district can receive in Colorado.

Now, 2014 is the district's first year with a fully Accredited rating!

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Exciting News:
We have just been accepted to present at the Asia Pacific Education Research Association (APERA) Conference
Hong Kong, November 19-21, 2014

Join us at the 2014 CHADD Annual International Conference on ADHD this NovemberCHADD-ADHD2014.jpg

Hyatt Regency O'Hare
9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Rosemont, Illinois 60018

Friday, November 14th 10:30 a.m.

Click here for more information on our presentation at the conference.

Upcoming presentation a the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Conference
Thursday, November 13, 2014
Neurological and Behavioral Research Validates Imagery-Language Connection to Dyslexia, Weak Reading Comprehension, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Nanci Bell,MA., Author & Co-founder of Lindamood-Bell 
Angelica Benson, M.Ed., Lindamood-Bell

Click here to visit the IDA Conference Website

Presentation Description: 
New research suggests that the dual-coding of imagery and language is a critical factor in language comprehension and word reading. Imagery is a basic sensory-cognitive function connecting us to the language we hear and the print we read. There are two distinct types of imagery—symbol imagery and concept imagery—intrinsic to word-reading and reading comprehension. Neurological and behavioral research validates the imagery-language connection resulting in lasting effects on word attack, word recognition, comprehension and specific areas of brain function in students with dyslexia or ASD.

SpeldNZ.JPGNanci Bell, Co-Founder and CEO of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, will give three keynote presentations at the Memory Matters Conference on September 27th and 28th, 2014 in Central Auckland, New Zealand. Hosted by SPELD NZ, this conference is designed to bring effective research-based practices to educators in New Zealand with the goal of reducing underachievement in students with dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities. Click here for the press release.


Lindamood-Bell's new Instruction Robot is a featured story in the California Bay Area.  
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Recent Presentation at the European Dyslexia Association
San Marino, Italy
Friday, June 20th
Title of presentation:  Neurological and Behavioral Research Validates Imagery-Language Connection to Dyslexia
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Recent Presentation at the CEC Embracing Inclusive Approaches Conference
Braga, Portugal
July 14-17, 2014
Title of presentation: Learning Difficulties: Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions
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Meet the new Lindamood-Bell Instruction Robot
Click here to learn more about this amazing technology for schools.

UAB/Lindamood-Bell autism study is concluding, results look promising.

Dr. Rajesh Kana from UAB (University of Alabama) presented at the ASHA Conference in Chicago this past November.  He spoke about the findings of his autism research:  The Impact of Language Remediation on Brain Connectivity in Children with Autism.  V/V instruction by Lindamood-Bell staff was the language remediation utilized in the study.
Click here to read UAB's Press Release

Thank you for joining us at the IDA Conference for Nanci Bell's Presentation
"Improve Reading Comprehension Through the Development of Imagery"
Comprehension is the reason we read.  It is the most important act of cognition that humans perform, yet it is a skill rarely taught directly.  This presentation explored the relationship between imagery and language, and how that integration is the essence of cognition.  Case studies and research were presented to demonstrate how systematic, imagery-based instruction has improved comprehension for a wide range of individuals, in a wide range of educational settings.
IDA Annual Conference




Lindamood-Bell 2014 Workshop Schedule is available online.

Click here to view our updated Schedule and Locations.

Register for a Lindamood-Bell Workshop and receive a 10% Discount Coupon for Gander instructional materials.

The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE)

The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) has officially endorsed the research-validated Seeing Stars® and Visualizing and Verbalizing® programs. CASE is an international professional educational organization which is affiliated with the Council for Exceptional Children, whose members are dedicated to the enhancement of the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual in society. We are proud to have this prestigious endorsement as recognition of the research-validated effectiveness of these programs, which have already made a difference for so many students. Click here for more information about CASE.

Seeing Stars Is Revised and Expanded!

StudentsThe Seeing Stars manual, authored by Lindamood-Bell co-founder and CEO, Nanci Bell, has just been revised. The original manual was first published in 1997. This second edition is a must have, which includes in-depth sample lessons, more teacher/student dialogue, increased attention to sight words and multisyllable processing, and expanded instruction in fluency and contextual reading. The manual also includes new research that validates Symbol Imagery as a sensory-cognitive function underlying word attack, word recognition, spelling, and contextual reading. Lindamood-Bell is proud to provide ongoing professional development in the Seeing Stars program, helping all students read to their potential. Visit Gander Publishing for more information.

Colorado Reading To Ensure Academic
Development Act (Colorado READ Act) Endorsement

Lindamood-Bell is approved by the Colorado Department of Education as a Professional Development provider for Colorado's new READ Act. Additionally, the Lindamood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing®, Seeing Stars®, LiPS®, and Talkies® programs were all approved as instructional programs. We are the only workshop provider endorsed and licensed by the authors of the Lindamood-Bell programs.

We are excited that our CEO, Nanci Bell, received the Distinguished Leader in Special Education Award at the Third New York Citywide Special Education conference on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at Hunter College in New York City.

This award was given by Education Update newspaper in collaboration with several other New York-area organizations including the Child Mind Institute, the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, and Columbia University, to persons who have made a significant impact on the field of special education.
Congratulations Nanci!

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes was recently featured on the local San Luis Obispo, CA NBC affiliate evening news. Click here to see the Lindamood-Bell's Local Roots story in its entirety.

Lindamood-Bell School House Leaning CenterAnnouncing the Lindamood-Bell® School House for course credit and homework support!

We now offer significantly discounted instructional options that will allow students to receive school credit while attending a Lindamood-Bell Learning Center.

Instructional options for the Lindamood-Bell® School House include limited support for more independent learners, increased support for those working towards independent learning, and full support for those needing more direct Lindamood-Bell® Sensory-Cognitive instruction.  Each of these options can qualify for curriculum and credit through a virtual school or your homeschool selections. And, with the Lindamood-Bell® School House, savings range from 30% to 72%!
Learn more here and call your local Lindamood-Bell Learning Center (800-300-1818) to see if this is right for your child.

Watch a new video from one of our families:  Christy, a mom and teacher, talks about the struggles her daughter has faced with learning to read and the success she is seeing with Lindmood-Bell instruction.

Learn about the latest happenings with our Learning Centers through our new Learning Center Happenings Email Archive.

Newly published article in Denver's 5280 Magazine on "Wellness: Brain Training" featuring Lindamood-Bell: "Wellness: Brain Training"


Big News: Our School Partnership Project in Center, Colorado has made HUGE gains on the TCAP state test:from 41 percent of students achieving reading proficiency to 76 percent, a 35 point gain in a single year!

Learn more in a current article on
and from Superintendent George Welsh's Weekly Write-up.

Great interview on Autism Live with 
Lindamood-Bell ® Center Director, Heather Dugan.

World-renowned Researcher to 
Study How Reading Instruction Affects Children's Brains
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have initiated a study designed to explore the predictive value of neuroimaging for reading intervention with early elementary students.
Participating students will receive fMRI brain scans to measure brain activity, in addition to completing standardized measures of reading, before and after instruction. The intervention will be provided by Lindamood-Bell staff and will be closely monitored by MIT investigators.

Lindamood-Bell Partners with the University of Alabama at Birmingham for Autism Study 
Lindamood-Bell Autism Study with University of Alabama  Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes has partnered with the Autism Brain Imaging Research Laboratory (ABIRL) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham to conduct research of brain functioning among individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Students taking part in the study will undergo functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans before and after receiving instruction in Lindamood-Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing® (V/V®) program.

Learn more about the study on the UAB website by clicking here.

We are proud to announce that Lindamood-Bell has been approved as an Education Service Provider for the State of Colorado. Click here for more information.
Independent Study Shows Lindamood-Bell® Instruction Changes Brain Structure
A new article in the August issue of NeuroImage features the results of a study that examined changes in gray matter volume (GMV) in children with dyslexia who received intensive reading instruction using the Seeing Stars® program for reading and spelling.  The study, conducted by researchers from the Center for the Study of Learning, Georgetown University Medical Center, and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, found that “training-induced changes”  in GMV can be seen in a pediatric sample, and that the changes are accompanied by improvements in reading.  Furthermore, changes in both reading skills and GMV were maintained after the training ended.

Lindamood-Bell was proud to support the Danny Gans Memorial Champions
Run for Life 
 to benefit the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation
October 2011Nevada Childhood Cancer FoundationDanny Gans Memorial
Discovery Park
Henderson NV
Click here for more information. 
Lindamood-Bell presents to Nevada Childhood Cancer FoundationLindamood-Bell Las Vegas Center Director Monica Daggs and Lindamood-Bell Regional Director Carl Martin present a check to representatives of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. 

Since 1993, the Mission of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation has been to work side by side with the medical community to provide social, emotional, educational, financial and psychological support services and programs to families of ALL children diagnosed with a life threatening or critical illness such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell, hemophilia, renal disorders and other immunologic diseases.

Giving Struggling Readers the Opportunity to Succeed:
The Lindamood-Bell® Method

By Alberto Luzarraga and Lisa Chen

An interview with Jen Egan, Center Director of
Lindamood-Bell's New York City Learning Center.

An interview with Paul Worthington of
Lindamood-Bell's Professional Development Division.

Journey Into Dyslexia by HBO Documentaries:  Includes an interview with Dr. Guinevere Eden who has published multiple studies showing dramatic fMRI changes utilizing Lindamood-Bell® Instruction.


Lauren Tupper with student in HBO documentary
New HBO Documentary on learning differences features a student at Lindamood-Bell. 

Lauren Tupper, Center Director of Lindamood-Bell in Atlanta, is seen here in a new documentary by HBO: "I Can't Do This But I Can Do That- a Film for Families about Learning Differences."

Premiered: Tuesday, October 26, 2012
See the HBO Documentary trailer here.

Lindamood-Bell's School Partnership with Center Schools, Colorado, receives high praises from Colorado Dept. of Education (CDE) commissioner Dwight D. Jones.
Read about this school turnaround project here.

Nanci Bell, Co-founder & Director of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes,
was recently interviewed for an article on 
learning disabilities published in the 
NY Times.

"What to Do if You Suspect a Learning Disability" by Lesley Alderman; 2/19/2010


"We are so fortunate to have found Lindamood-Bell and your solution. The results have been life changing for our daughter. Thanks for the miracle!"
~ Melissa, a mother

"As we make our journey through life we are lucky enough to meet a handful of people who can truly make a difference in our lives. My son at age 12 has already met this handful. Thank you."
~ William, a father

"The workshop presenter was very knowledgeable about the field of Education and Special Education. I am very excited to implement this into my resource room. I can't wait to make a difference for someone."
~ Ellen, a Special Ed Teacher


We are excited to announce that our CEO, Nanci Bell, received the Distinguished Leader in Special Education Award at the Third New York Citywide Special Education Conference on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at Hunter College in New York City.
Congratulations, Nanci!