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Student Stories

These are real stories, sent to us from our students, their families, and professionals we work with.  Every day more are received and we are honored to be a part of their lives.


Hear from Students, Parents, and Teachers
Lindamood-Bell instruction changes lives. Hear about those changes directly from the students, parents, and teachers who have experienced them first-hand. You can view more of these great stories on our YouTube Channel.

leaf-25.pngA Letter from a Dad:
"We sent our pretty scared/worried little dude to his first-ever assessment. Four hours later, this confident puppy comes bounding out the front door, exuberantly describing the most fun time he had with the nicest people, including all the cool stuff he got to do, prizes he earned, and more. He's excited about becoming an exceptional reader. We are immensely, immensely grateful!"

leaf-25.pngA Letter from an Adult Student:
"Dear All,  Just wanted to say Thank You for your help as I prepared for my medical boards.  Making pictures as I read those long passages on my test certainly helped.  I am now officially board certified in internal medicine.  Thanks again!"

leaf-25.pngA Letter from a Mom of a 2nd Grader:
"I'm writing because we wanted to share some huge news.  My daughter is required to read 90 words (correctly) a minute by the end of this year.  Today, (September) timing her, she hit 91 words!!!  We were both so happy we almost cried...and my hand hurts from a lot of high-fiving.  :)  I, honestly, never thought we'd be at a point where we could appreciate reading together.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy that event!"


leaf-25.pngA Letter from a Mom of a 5-year-old:
"My daughter struggled to retain most information taught to her.  What she would learn by her teachers and I would be forgotten within 24 hours.  She would try and memorize, but due to her not grasping the concepts, she could not hold onto the information regardless of what it was. 

I had her tested at five and she was diagnosed with dyslexia.  Many said five was too young, but I had known for years that there was an issue.  The bio-medical doctor referred us to Lindamood-Bell.  In 4 DAYS they had her reading!!!  A true miracle and gift!  She stayed for three weeks in the program.  Not only does she read, but she is using the techniques taught in all areas of her life and learning.

The most precious gift has been the change in her personality.  She is so much more self-assured, confident, and happy.  I have had so many people come to me to express what a change they have seen in her.  I am so thankful and blessed to have been able to send her to Lindamood-Bell!

leaf-25.pngA Letter from a Mom:
"I don't know how I will ever find a way to adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for all the astonishing ways in which you changed my son's life, and my life.  I find myself in constant amazement at what you were able to accomplish.  Often I still find myself in frozen shock at the dreadful thought of what his future could have been if he had NOT had your intervention filled with graceful patience, optimism, and knowledge.

It is only in hindsight that I fully realize how close my son was to psychologically tipping to a point of self-negativity, lack of confidence, and destructive frustration that... well, I don't even want to imagine where that road would have lead.  He now loves to read and reads constantly!" 

leaf-25.pngA Letter from an 8th Grade Student:
"I want to thank all of the people at Lindamood-Bell for really helping me through my writing and how I perform as a student.  At first, I was hesitant to coming here because it seemed like a lot of work.  I realize now that not only was I learning new things and meeting new people, I was actually having fun!  I am sad to be leaving, but I have decided to keep writing my essays about things that will interest me.  I really admire your step by step process to the whole thing.  I thought I would never get to the important part, but as time went on, I realized it was all important.  I hope we can keep in touch because these techniques will stay with me forever." 


leaf-25.pngFrom a Mom to a Center Director:
"You were just fantastic at the meeting with the school.  It was so incredibly beneficial to my daughter that we had this meeting yesterday.  Lindamood-Bell, as an organization, is brilliant to incorporate this follow-up session with the students' teachers.  You were so wonderful to actually come to her school rather than just a phone call.  It was critical that you were there.  I could see the teachers learned so much from you and that the suggestions you gave them will truly help them to better assist my daughter.  You presented the information in such a gentle and supportive manner that it put everyone at ease."

leaf-25.pngFrom a Learning Center Parent:
The mother of a 7-year-old writes to us:  “Thank you for helping my son unlock his true potential.  After just ten weeks of intensive instruction, he has progressed so much that it cannot be compared.  He is now more confident to initiate interactions, commenting using longer sentences, and asks questions appropriately.

We have also noticed improvements in auditory processing and he is now able to understand and answers requests of his baby sister.  He also tunes into conversations and is able to pick on key concepts.  Thanks to all the staff for the patience, persistence, and hard work.  We cherish the results." 


leaf-25.pngFrom a Learning Center Parent:
A mother writes about her teenage son who came to us for instruction when his reading accuracy was below a 6-year-old level:  “Thanks to your help, he did brilliantly in school this year: 7 A's and 2 B's!  Thanks for all your help."

leaf-25.pngFrom a Learning Center Parent:
A mother writes about the struggles she faced with her 4th grade son, Michael, who came to a Lindamood-Bell Learning Center having been previously diagnosed with Dyslexia:  “…letters were frequently reversed, omitted, and words were rarely read correctly regardless of how much or how many times they were studied. We had tried several different programs and had limited success…  The Lindamood-Bell program has changed all this…”

leaf-25.pngFrom one of our School Partnerships:
Haskin Elementary School, in Center, Colorado, is a high-poverty, high-minority school that partnered with Lindamood-Bell in 2010 to implement a comprehensive, full-school Turnaround initiative. Kathy Kulp, the principal at Haskin, was an integral part of the process:  “Lindamood-Bell has had an enormous impact on our school and on our students… Specifically, our students have improved their skills in decoding, fluency, and comprehension… The most wonderful result of all is the sense of achievement and confidence these children have experienced…”

leaf-25.pngFrom a Learning Center Student:
A ten-year-old writes of instruction:  “I needed a program like Lindam00d-Bell to help me with my spelling.  I felt stupid.  I didn't know what I was doing.  I spent four weeks working on writing, from hamburger outlines, to felt squares and colored blocks.  I did it all. 

When you step into a Lindamood-Bell center you feel welcome.  What I learned was fun, I knew I was learning, but it felt better than school.  What I learned at Lindamood-Bell was incredible.  It will help a lot in life.  I know it will.  I am even continuing with the program online.  Thanks to all of you.”

leaf-25.pngA mother writes about her non-English speaking, adopted child:
"I don't know where her academic skills would be without the assistance of Lindamood-Bell.  She started a summer session there before fourth grade.  It took the staff about all summer to get her to sit still and simply focus on the work ( I now attribute this to her ability to work for hours on homework at night).  The next summer, she came back, and this time she made some real progress in learning to read.  Then she continued on after school work where she concentrated on math as well as reading.  Recently (seventh grade), she spent 120 hours at Lindamood-Bell and her reading skills continue to improve.

I cannot praise the staff enough.  Surely, each child brings his or her own challenges, but the professional, compassionate, and never-ending hopefulness for my daughter has been truly of the highest caliber." 

"We are so fortunate to have found Lindamood-Bell and your solution. The results have been life changing for our daughter. Thanks for the miracle!"
~ Melissa, a mother

"As we make our journey through life we are lucky enough to meet a handful of people who can truly make a difference in our lives. My son at age 12 has already met this handful. Thank you."
~ William, a father

"The workshop presenter was very knowledgeable about the field of Education and Special Education. I am very excited to implement this into my resource room. I can't wait to make a difference for someone."
~ Ellen, a Special Ed Teacher


We are excited to announce that our CEO, Nanci Bell, received the Distinguished Leader in Special Education Award at the Third New York Citywide Special Education Conference on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at Hunter College in New York City.
Congratulations, Nanci!